EARTH is a stabilizing force, fetishized since time immemorial as a talisman of unconditional love and generosity, for she endures abuse yet continues to provide for all. Earth unifies us in our differences as inhabitants of her home, sows wild grandeurs in her myriad soils, and soothes with her boundless breast. She initiates the transformation and transportation of nutrients and embodies the archetypal energy of Late Summer harvest season, where abundance and satiety abound in tandem with decline and decrease. To understand her splendor is to romp in her amber waves of grain, for her body is sustenance for this entire swathe of terrestrial enterprise, grounding and centering with her gifts and gravity.

In Balance Well grounded, nurturing, peaceful, balanced, abundant, centered, thoughtful, clear-headed, stable, secure, reliable, knowing how to be of service, understanding the importance of self-care, feeling connected to the sensuality of the body & earth

Out of Balance Worried, obsessive, stuck, smothering, needy, muddy thinking, feeling heavy, lethargic, slow, risk-averse, craving sympathy, self-disregard, having spiritual indigestion

How Earth Energy May Be Speaking Through You

Caretaking, Peacemaking, Concerns With Stability & Scarcity, Feeling Like A Hypochondriac, Sluggishness, Lumps, Bumps, Swelling, Cysts, Phlegm, Fatigue, Digestive Disorders, Diarrhea, Bloating, Food Allergies & Sensitivities, Eating Disorders, Sugar Cravings, Lymphatic Issues, Tender Muscles, Fibromyalgia, Prolapse & Sinking Sensations, Brain Fog, Taking On Too Much, The Inability To Transform Ideas Into Actions, Being Unwilling To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Engender Your Earth

Cultivate a fertile ground for implanting ideas that can nourish & support you. Behold the fruits of your labor with tender reverence, cradling them in your palm like a sacred harvest.

Mixtapes of the Tao: Earth

Qi Flow Downwards towards the Earth to rot & upwards toward the Heavens to ripen whilst everything is held firmly in the center

Created By The Ashes of Fire

Stabilized By The Roots of Wood

Lifecycle Fruit

Creation Cycle Ripening, enriching, sustaining, fruition

Evolution Dynamic Equilibrium:: Yin//yang & growth//decline are balanced on the precipice

Season Late Summer Harvest

Weather Damp

Time Of Peak Energy  7-11 am

 Ecologic Role Controller of Rotting & Ripening

Elemental Vocation Digesting food and experience to bear the fruits of our emotional and physical labors

Soul Sphere A Well-Fed Mind & Clear Intention

Energetic Vibe The Empress, Justice, Queen of Cups, The World

Body The Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas, Muscles, Mouth

Organic Imprint Muscles well-nourished by silos full of harvested grain. The soils, fields, and gardens of our center that engender a feeling of abundant prosperity. Things that thicken, coagulate, and stagnate as earth turns to mud. The sensorial stew of our tastebuds who connect us to the bounty of Mother Nature.

Medicine How to sow fertile ground versus fallow soil?

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