FIRE is the spark in the machine, the spirit coursing through matter that’s illuminated & animated by kinetic eroticism. Initiating expansion and embodying the archetypal energy of Summer, we witness Fire’s apex aliveness in the unfurling of petals erupting with power & passion in an open-armed embrace with the Sun from across the summer sky. Often consuming, sometimes overextending itself, and certainly with a penchant for transgressing boundaries, Fire exposes limits whilst simultaneously showing limitlessness. It expresses the capacity of the infinite by aligning our will with a higher power, allowing us to glimpse the immortal self through ecstasy & enthusiasmos.


Qi Flow Spreading and accelerating in all directions in a grand display of beyondness

Fueled By Wood

Tempered By Water

Lifecycle Flower

Creation Cycle Maturation, Blossoming, Expansion, Expression

Evolution Maximum Yang

Season Summer

Weather Heat

Time Of Peak Energy 11 am-3 pm / 7-11 pm

Mixtapes of the Tao: Fire

Ecologic Role Enlightened Emperor

Elemental Vocation Imparting clarity of consciousness and the capacity to sense & rule with our hearts

Soul Sphere Destiny & Divine Awareness

Energetic Vibe The Sun, The Magician, The Lovers, The Emperor

Body The Heart, Small Intestine, Vessels, Tongue

Organic Imprint The catalytic energy that combusts and circulates through our vessels and consciousness, fueling our metabolic processes; Things that erupt and heat up. The faculty of impactful speech that is propelled by spirit.

Medicine How to radiate without fading away?

In Balance Joyful, enthusiastic, eloquent, warm, generous, attracting, empathetic, compassionate, charismatic, open to love & intimacy, possessing the skill to push through limits, the ability to express oneself fully, understanding ones power and uniqueness

Out of Balance Restless, aggressive, bitter, impulsive, unboundaried, manic, anxious, arrogant, chaotic, engaging in inappropriate speech & behaviour, overwhelmed, joyless, disconnected from source

How Fire Energy May Be Speaking Through You

Eruptions, Inflammation, Rashes, Heart Problems, Hypersensitivity, Adrenal Exhaustion, Restlessness, Circulatory Issues, Metabolic Imbalances, Bleeding, Sores, Fevers, Sweating, Insomnia, Speech Difficulties, Heartache, Suffering From Self-Doubt, Loosing Heart, Apathy, Emotional Coldness, Being Alight With Divine Purpose, Feeling Inspired & Optimistic

Fan Your Fire

Discern how the light of the cosmos shines through you. Ignite the spark of starlight within & allow it to propel you forward with enthusiasm and gusto.

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