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Elemental Medicine: New Patient

This 90 minute session includes acupuncture, aromatherapy, biomat therapy, and a plant-based wellness plan encompassing elemental nutrition & botanical medicine.
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1.5 Hours - $265

Alchemical Acupuncture: Returning Patient
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1 Hour - $235

Elemental Medicine: Returning Patient

This 60 minute session includes acupuncture, aromatherapy, biomat therapy, and finessing your plant-based wellness plan. Every treatment is unique & seasonally-guided, addressing both the root & the branch of your disharmony.
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1 Hour - $135

Botanical Medicine 

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1 Hour  - $135

Elemental Medicine For Self-Sovereignty ︎
Rewilding Healthcare For The Liberation Of All Beings.

The Five Elements:

How Nature Moves Within You

The Five Elements are a sacred vocabulary and archetypal template that diagrams how nature interacts with the body, forming the basis of disease & health and shaping our body’s cosmic blueprint and internal ecosystem.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, & Metal are the soul of Eastern Medicine and the fundamental universal schema that govern all processes upon our planet. How the Five Elements interact reflects the interconnectedness and symbiotic flow of energy as it flows through the universe, showing us how nature transforms itself over and over again, be it within the macrocosm of the Earth or the microcosm of the body. ‘As above so below’, declares the sacred maxim of alchemy, reminding us that the cycles of birth, death, regeneration, and renewal follow a particular cadence that unfolds itself across the entirety of creation. Wood creates Fire, whose ashes become Earth, which forges and shapes Metal, whose mineral matrices dissolve into Water, which nourishes Wood as the creation cycle begins anew. And so goes the elemental dance en perpetuo. 

When we come to understand that we are Nature and an embodiment of Her cycles, we can anticipate change and respond to it accordingly, awakening our primal flow and inner physician. This is Preventative Medicine 101, and why this Earth-based medicine has excelled in both treating and preventing disease for millennia. To be alive is to be immersed in flow, change, restoration, and renewal, and understanding our own elemental dance is the key to knowing and embracing our inner ecosystem, recognizing which pattern is currently unfolding, surrendering to transformation versus fighting change, and participating fully in the birth-day-rebirth cycles of life. Elemental Medicine is not only a way to reestablish our ties with the Earth, but it is also the key to diagnosing and treating imbalances, a pathway for heeding the wisdom & messages of our bodies, a blueprint for understanding our inner nature, and a mechanism that restores resilience, function, flow, and aliveness.

Which element is expressing itself through me?

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