DATE. 08.21.20

M Y C O - M E D I T A T I O N  1.

To Mushrooms, Messengers Of Metamorphosis 

O, primordial paramours of Tao Hongjing,
Mycelial muses of old materia medicas,
    I call to you through the mud under Gaia’s Great Girdle
    Connect us to the vast network of connectedness
    Teach us to branch, teach us to fuse, teach us to grow into complex           networks
Come hither, for we have occasion for your underworld medicines.

Amanita, Ascomycota, Aspergillus, and Agaric,
Live from the Witch Trials, veterans of the Psychic Wars,
    Be it a mutualistic symbiont, saprophyte, or parasite
    I summon thee, Corn Smut and all
    All are welcome, all are needed
    Like Swamp Thing, I beseech you to do our bidding
This is the time of decomposition, of metabolizing hard truths and jagged edges.

O, Desolate Death Doulas of the Anthropocene,
Teach us to forge life from death,
    Lunar Lovers, shunning sunlight for saprophytism
    Gothic Paramours, seventh dream of teenage heaven
“Put it all down to chemistry, Put it all down to the heat, The seminal spark of sexuality, Put it all down to the heat.”

You are endowed with an insatiable absorption of energy. Its limitless receptive potential is its greatest treasure. From this, we can learn. It’s a hot spell, that one that goes: Toxic Miasma —> New Life
I know you know:

    Secret movements of gestation
    Methods of dispersed control
    How to plunge into the realm of shadow
    The personal unfathomable mysteries of being
    How to be useful, but mostly hidden
    Fecundity and fertility, (but contained & occult).

To you, I offer:
    My body (in time, eager lover)

With Grace!