DATE. 08.24.2020

M Y C O - M E D I T A T I O N  2.

Five Element Mycology 

The Mushroom is the center of the Five-Pointed Star, the mycelial plug that yokes together Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal in a consanguine coniunctio. After many a’ sleepless night, I could never figure out whether fungi were the elusive 6th Element or another thing entirely. Like yin and yang themselves, fungi are a union of opposites that defy direct categorization, polyamorous polymaths in a relationship with all of creation. Simultaneously a sprawling subterranean womb and a sunbathing phallus penetrating the sky, they are both a truffle and a yeast infection, poison and the antidote. Through worship and observation, I have come to understand them as Elemental Emissaries, for they are shapeshifters that live beyond the binary, beyond the veil itself… intersex, interspersed, living upon, betwixt, within, throughout. They untie the bodice of creation and then lace her back up again (they may even be the bodice itself). Dichotomous dillettantes, they are each of the 5 Elements and none at all.

Because they clear out the old to make way for the new, they carry the banner of FIRE, generative & revitalizing whilst maligned & misunderstood.

Because they are the anatomy of soil, they are the flesh of thee EARTH herself, stabilizing her creatures in their prodigious mycelial web.

Because they are decomposers that play in the underworld and dabble in alchemy, they bear the mark of METAL, who’s minerals they liberate from the mortal forms that bind them.

Because they do dissolver’s work and plunge to the depths, they carry the imprint of WATER, whose womb weaves with theirs as the sapphic Mothers Of Wood.

Because they bond to roots & trunks, they are welded in a reciprocal ouroboros with WOOD, casting symbiotic spells upon their countenance through dense labyrinths of mineral matrices.

To the 6th Element, wedded to all of creation, I honor your heteromorphic sprawl with a series of Myco-Meditations, to invoke the many splendors of your fruiting bodies.