The progeny of heat and pressure, METAL embodies the magic of time, its innate preciousness an exposé of the Hermetic rituals that occur in the mysterious depths of the underworld where life, death, and transformation happen.  Metals are comprised of matrices of minerals, which are catalysts for action and necessary for all organic life, sustaining and empowering all processes from mushroom to man. It’s one of the first things we pounded and shaped for use, and in this sense, has always been emblematic of alchemy and transformation. Metals are, in essence, what make things valuable. Metal embodies the archetypal energy of Autumn - releasing, refining, and stripping down to what's essential, like leaves being cast from the tree to return to origin as mulch. Through their pivot of beauty and loss, they let us understand the indispensable allure that lies within, allowing this transformation to uncover who we are without our fruits and flowers, exposing the silvery crone core in all of us and letting her luster be untarnished.

Qi Flow Contracting inward and surrendering to transformation like precious metals being forged in the depths

Birthed By Earth

Shaped & Smelted By Fire

Lifecycle Compost

Creation Cycle Pruning, clearing, refining, perfecting, completing

Evolution Young Yin

Season Autumn

Weather Dry

Time Of Peak Energy  3-7 am

Mixtapes of the Tao: Metal

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Ecologic Role Master Of Qi

Elemental Vocation Taking in, holding on, letting go

Soul Sphere Instincts & Survival Drives

Energetic Vibe The Hierophant, Death, The Hermit, Temperance

Body The Lungs, Large Intestine, Nose, Skin

Organic Imprint

Barrier systems and protective shields. Organs that take in and let go, accumulating precious qi from above via inhalation and cutting our losses out the back end via defection. Things that dry, wither, and contract in response to the environment. The deep, ancient instincts of smell and touch that allow our primal selves to sense the world around us.

Medicine How to strip down to what’s essential?

In Balance

Organized, disciplined, conscientious, refined, reflective, sensitive, structured, tidy, accepting of death and loss, knowing one’s own self-worth, possessing strength under pressure, being aesthetically-minded

Out of Balance

Sad, grief-stricken, critical, withdrawn, uptight, self-isolating, suffering from a lack of self-worth, pleasure-denying, punishing, perfectionism, control freak tendencies, anal retention, zealotry, struggling with the inability to let go

How Metal Energy May Be Speaking Through You

Truthseeking, Soul Searching, Questioning Values, Seeking Purity, Immunity Issues, Environmental Sensitivities, Dry Skin & Mucus Membranes, Asthma, Respiratory Disorders, Allergies, Congestion, Shortness Of Breath, Frequent Colds, Eczema, Stress-Induced Skin Issues, Stiff Spine & Posture, Constipation, Intestinal Disorders, Control Issues, Chronic Disappointment, Death Obsession, Being Easily Brought To Tears

Forge Your Metal

Like the precious metals sequestered & shrouded deep within Earth’s core that alert us to the hidden treasures within, create and use structures that support you in bringing forth your brilliance and radiance. Crystallize these values and surrender to transformation.