Ancient beautifying herbs that magnify your radiance + make you glow

The Luminous is made up of the primordial mountain magic of He Shou Wu root, and the rosy rubescense of anti-oxidant rich, vitamin powerhouses Schisandra, Goji, and Camu Camu berries. These ancient beautifying herbs of the Taoist immortals are treasured for preserving youth by supplementing the body's original qi and yin fluids, glamouring those who ingest their essence with soft, moist, radiant skin, and the celestial glow of a demigoddess.

Benefits: pure wellness, immune defense and youthful liveliness


Powder blend: Goji Berry, He Shou Wu, Camu Camu, Schizandra, Lucuma


All ingredients are certified organic, Gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar.

Serving per container: 30, Serving size: 1 tsp (3 g) per day

Use: Blend a small spoonful into hot water, tea, juice or smoothies

Store dry, cool and away from light.

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Not suitable for pregnant folks.