WATER navigates the unknown with the innate understanding that it must flow forward regardless, soft and yielding with patient puissance yet holding the strength to penetrate mountains and earth. Water speaks to movement, current, adaptability, flow. She is pluripotent possibility, a multidirectional wonder. As the Mother of Wood, Water carries the seed of deep potential. In her poised quiescence as a reflective pool, she gathers the moonglow on her surface and stews the yin juices of mystery, a womb for creation to crawl out of. In her yang expression, she plunges forward with the wrath of a flood or the renewing geyser of a sulfury spring. Winter encapsulates the archetypal energy of Water, a sacred pause of concentration and contemplation that marks a drawing inward and guarding our reserves, a time to tap the marrow of life and suck it deep into our bones to nurture and gestate the seeds of our will. As the Water element throughout the cosmos brings reserves, raw power, and a will to move forward undaunted whilst tapped into a mystical current of flow, the Water element within imparts fathomless resources and the discretion to use them justly, moving in sync with the will of the universe. 

Qi Flow Manifesting potential in stillness like a fathomless black lake under the pregnant moon

Nourished By Metals

Held In Place By Earth

Lifecycle Seed

Creation Cycle Gestating, gathering, dormancy, potential

Evolution Maximum Yin

Season Winter

Weather Cold

Time Of Peak Energy 3 - 7 pm

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Mixtapes of the Tao: Water

Ecologic Role Reservoir Of Raw Power

Elemental Vocation Conduit of force, flow, and fluidity

Soul Sphere Epigenetic Ancestral Life Force & Will To Live

Energetic Vibe The High Priestess, The Queen of Cups, Strength, The Moon, The Hanged Man

Body The Kidneys, Bladder, Bones, Ears, Sex Organs

Organic Imprint
The primordial realms of reproductive drives. Things that are deep, dark, cold, shadowy, sink to the depths. The fluid matrices of bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, and blood that yoke together the serpentine mysteries of DNA with the spiraling, fluid power of life. The sense of listening that allows us to know the unseen, what’s coming but isn’t yet known.

How does descent into the shadowy depths transform into regeneration in the quest for equilibrium?

In Balance
Flowing, fluid, intuitive, spontaneous, embodied, patient, persevering, determined, gentle, perceptive, yielding, creative, ingenious, imaginative, equipoised, possessing a deep inner world & connection to source, knowing how to *just be*

Out of Balance
Fearful, phobic, frozen, aloof, suspicious, untrusting, pessimistic, lost in one’s own thoughts, pushing against the flow, scattered, prone to fantasy, emotional frigidity, repression of instinctual impulses

How Water Energy May Be Speaking Through You
Revelling In Stillness & Quietude, The Need To Go Inward, Craving Rest, Being In Effortless Flow, The Unconscious Becoming Conscious, Seeking Solitude, Premature Aging, Dark Circles, Water Retention, Kidney & Bladder Dysfunction, Back And Knee Pain, Grey Hairs, Infertility, Low Libido, Loose Teeth, Weak Eyesight & Hearing, Neurodegenerative Conditions, Poor Memory, Drawing Excessively On Willpower, Excessive Sexual Drives, Adrenaline-Fueled Bravado (and its sister adrenal exhaustion), Joint Degeneration, An Inability To Face Your Fears 

Wield Your Water
Dive deep into your potential whilst surreptitiously surrendering to the blackened chaos. Keep your eyes on what’s emerging, what’s gestating in the inner sea, what’s dancing in the rhythms of your bone marrow.