WOOD is a pioneering force, gestating in the primordial mycelial web of Earth’s womb until it leaps through a crack towards the light. Initiating growth and rebirth and embodying the archetypal energy of Spring, Wood pushes through the soft, mossy detritus with clear direction and forward momentum, carrying within it the map of our true path and a compass aligned with Tao. Bridging the potentiality of the seed with the actuality of the tree it will become, Wood surges and pulsates with the moxie of a pubescent boy, longing to explore its environment and to strive, push, ramble, reform, shape

Qi Flow Reaching upwards & outwards toward empyrean expansiveness like the branches of a tree

Nourished By Water

Pruned By Metal

Lifecycle Sprouting Seed

Creation Cycle Emergence, Renewal, Birth, Growth

Evolution Young Yang

Season Spring

Weather Wind

Time Of Peak Energy 11 pm - 3 am

Mixtapes of the Tao: Wood

In Balance Intrepid, courageous, bold, implementing, pioneering, decisive, creative, confident, independent, flexible, driven, possessing clear vision, good planning, and a sense of direction

Out of Balance Angry, resentfull, stubborn, indecisive, stuck, stagnant, constrained, tense, timid, having low self esteem, hopelessness,  aimlessness, being easily swayed, plagued with ennui

How Wood Energy May Be Speaking Through You Impatience, Irritability, Mood Swings, Rigidity, Explosiveness, Rash Descisions, Depression, Being Unfocused, Uncompleted Plans, Headaches, Tension, Muscle Spasms, Vertigo, Sciatica, TMJ, Irregular Moon Cycles, PMS, Cramps, Vision Problems, Brittleness, Tendonitis, High Blood Pressure, Migratory Pains, Vivid Dreaming, Implementing New Ideas & Ventures, Breaking New Ground, Blazing Trails

Work Your Wood
Align with your path and go boldly forward via the cosmic map of your visions & dreams. Be assertive, wield your wand, push and strive in the ways you know best.

Ecologic Role Grand Architect

Elemental Vocation Smoothing & coursing the flow of qi, blood & emotions

Soul Sphere Visions & Dreams

Energetic Vibe The Fool, The Ace of Wands, The Chariot

Body The Liver, Gallbladder, Tendons, Ligaments

Organic Imprint
Support systems & connective tissues that keep us pliable and bending with the wind. Sensations that rise strongly upwards. The faculty of vision that allows us to see the grand plan from atop a great branch.

Medicine How to sway instead of snap?

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